Some competition examples of the Kani Basami to Cross Ashi system

No one has made use of the Kani Basami movement as consistently in competition with as much success as Robert Degle. He has shown time and time again that the Kani Basami movement is the most high percentage ways to enter into the Cross Ashi Garami leg entanglement. He is without a doubt the worlds most renowned expert on this leg entanglement entry.

Robert has also shown the power of the Cross Ashi Garami position consistently to leglock people and to gain top position. He was the first grappler to successfully perform the leg trap saddle in competition and has as of today performed the move 4 times in competition twice against brown belts and twice against black belts.

In this 2 part course you will learn how to make use of the Kani Basami to enter into the legs and the Cross Ashi Garami to both finish leglocks and also gain top position. As a result you'll be able to add this powerful arsenal of attacks to your game where you can consistently control people and bring them down to there hips from which point you can either finish with heel hooks, finish with alternate leglocks or gain top position to score points.

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